Human Technology Laboratory


The Human-Technology Laboratory (HTLab) focuses on the cognitive processes and neural mechanisms supporting the perception of technological devices as intentional agents.

The HTLab was founded in October 2019 and combines social and neuroscientific approaches to answer scientific questions that will have both social and applied impact.

Our research lines are supported by the enthusiasm people put in their work, and by brain imaging and brain stimulation facilities.

Get in contact!!! We are always looking forward to establishing cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Research Lines

Human-Robot Perception and Interaction

Do robots have a mind? This research line investigates the processes responsible for the perception of robots as intentional agents

Human-Technology Interaction

It is easy to lift a finger and feel in control of the generated movement. This research line investigates the relationship between action and perception and the processes that allow us to feel in control of an action using technological devices.


Michele Scandola - University of Verona (website)

Stergios Makris - University of Edge Hill - (website)