Emmanuele Tidoni

Emmanuele (also known as "Tido!") completed a BA and a two-year MSc at Bologna University (ITA) and a PhD at Sapienza University of Rome (ITA). After a career-break in 2018, he joined the University of Hull in March 2019 where he leads as Principal Investigator the Human Technology Laboratory.
Since childhood he wondered about the underlining processes allowing people to think about them and others as intentional agents. Now, he uses behavioural and neuroscientific techniques to provide answers that will be useful for interating with autonomous devices.
As a scientist and a person he owes much to the people he works with. He is always ready to learn from his collaborators and he is always looking forward working together with passioned people.

Student Research Assistants

Steven Batten

Steven is a second-year Psychology student at the University of Hull. Born in Hull, Steven has had a good variety of jobs which has given him a well-rounded pool of knowledge and experience. After working in the care sector Steven became interested in psychology. Through his studies, Steven has narrowed his interest to the applications of virtual reality on people’s health in a clinical setting and is looking to pursue his interest into the clinical PhD programme.

Loron Hill

Loron is an undergraduate who joined the University of Hull in 2017 and has supported the psychology department by becoming a course representative for foundation psychology students, progressing onto becoming a student mentor for foundation students in 2018. Loron represented her student body for the University of Hull at the British Psychological Society accreditation meeting in 2019. Her main interests are social and cognitive neuropsychology, human-robot interactions and (a)typical development, in particular autism spectrum disorder.


Joshua Lee

Joshua grew up in Birmingham, he enjoyed both science and arts subjects at school. Before going to University Josh spent six months working as a ski instructor in Japan, in the mountains near Tokyo. . He worked as Dr Tidoni’s lab assistant and completed his BSc Psychology studies at the University of Hull (2021).